During the 30 years of teaching, a significant number of guitarists taking lessons at Westside Guitar Studio  have  played in local bands

and continued into music careers as well-known recording artists.    Many others have taken up careers as music teachers.


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The videos are examples of guitarists from seven years old upwards playing various styles of music in their lessons. Some play purely for fun whilst others also sit examinations, but there is no pressure to sit music exams, it is entirely personal choice.

Grade exams in Rock School, Trinity Rock and Pop,  A.B.R.S.M and Trinity Classical Guitar are all awarded UCAS  points which can help university entry.



Anna is just eight years old in this video and is already reading music notation as easily as she reads words!

Alex is improvising an impressive guitar solo on

Chic Corea's 'SPAIN'.

Alex played in a local Indie band called 'Ish Brother'

He was fifteen when this video was made.

Anna is reading proper music notation rather than tab.

She was seven when this video was made.



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Ben is discovering practising methods for playing a difficult rhythm guitar part in

'Back In Black'.

If you are having trouble playing difficult rhythms by 'feel', then this method will help you to nail it!